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Passive Components Datasheets

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    Passive Components

    1310-1550nm Fused Wavelength Division Multiplexer WDM1xN 2xN PLC Splitter Modules1xN 2xN PLC Splitters1×2 (2×2) Dual Window Multimode Fibre Splitter1×2 Dual Window Wideband Singlemode Splitter1×3 1×4 Dual Window Wideband Singlemode SplitterAttenuated Patch CordsCompact 900um PLC SplitterFilter Type WDM 1310-1550 1480-1550 850- 1310Loopback AdaptorsLow Loss CWDM 2ch 4ch 8ch 16cPM Fused Fibre SplittersSinglemode AttenuatorsSplitter Cable

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